Artists aren't moving across the East River — they're moving across the Hudson River, according to the Daily News. The tabloid reports that Newark, New Jersey boasts an emerging artistic community with a growing number of galleries and art institutions. “I thought downtown Newark resembled downtown L.A. before it was what it is now,” said gallery owner Saloman Anaya, 34. “We used to have derelicts and craziness on the streets, but that all changed.”

The paper makes the case that Newark is a great place for artists due to the large number of big, inexpensive, industrial spaces. Couple that with the fact that Newark is only a short ride on the PATH train away from Manhattan, and it starts sounding like Jersey's answer to Bushwick. Since 2002, the number of galleries in the city has grown from about 12 to about 20, according to the Newark Arts Council. At the same time, it has become home to hundreds of artists — some of whom pay as little as $200 a month for studio space.

Though the art scene is growing, sales at galleries are slow and it's tough to convince New Yorkers to schlep to Newark, according to artist Victoria Hanks, who has lived in a Newark loft for six years. “When they do, they’re very impressed, but Newark still has a stigma."