This is an open call to artists!

Jen Dunlap and Youngna Park are holding an event called The Art Auction, which is part silent auction, part party. We wanted to give you emerging artists a nice heads up (the event itself isn't until June 9th) so you could submit your work.

The open call is for works of all mediums to be included in a silent auction (with bids starting at $30 up to $250). Proceeds will be split 1/3 to cover costs of the event, 1/3 to the artist, and 1/3 of proceeds to Printed Matter, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting publications made by artists.

There are some details you'll need in order to submit your art, for that please contact the organizers at

As for the rest of you, save the date and come by for dancing, a keg party (not kidding) and bidding on art! We've seen your walls...they could use a little color.

June 9th // 8pm // The Universal Space Agency [32 B South 1st St., Williamsburg] // Free