To the sweet, evil delight The Apprentice (Again) 2: Gothamist will now be able to have more than weekly fixes of the strange power that is The Donald's hair. Truth be told, we look forward more to the disgusted looks on the faces of George and Carolyn, but there are good drinking games that involve the combover and the inevitable mix of hate-able and endearing Bill Rancic wannabes. Hell, we're sure some of them would settle for being Omarosa. Anyway, bring on the dazzling footage of New York City!

And Scott Sassa, we tip our hats to you: Sassa was made CEO of Friendster a while back and we thought that was hilarious. But clearly he's worked his past experience as West Coast president of NBC into creating the Apprentice on Friendster page where you can become "fans" of the various Apprentices! Friendster goes corporate - smart move, though we're not sure of Friendster's relevance considering we hadn't logged on in a while.

Profiles of some area Apprentice contestants: Three lovely ladies from NYC, Jennifer C, Stacy R, and Stacie J, and then there's Chris from Long Island. And, yes, like everyone else, Gothamist amused that the Asian contestant is named Ivana and that her dream is to meet Katie - Ivana, don't worried, when you're fired, you will.


The NY Times and Daily News agree that The Apprentice is very familiar yet irressistable. Gothamist on The Apprentice. Plus, realityblurred on the Apprentice.