Or, at least, we think it does - but in the most awesome way ever. While The Apprentice (don't click if you don't want the episode spoiled) has sputtered as Donald Trump has tried to maximize his TV-appeal with Apprentice seasons coming fast and furious and with the Martha version, we feel sorry for anyone who didn't see or TiVo last night's episode because it was off the hook crazy. We suppose Donald felt he needed to shake things up for ratings, but this was totally worth it. First, he goes off to play golf/monitor the Trump golf course in Los Angeles and lets Carolyn be in charge, with crazy, tousled bedhead. Second, Bill Rancic gets annoyed. Third, well, click below if you want to know what happened (you've been warned!):

Since the new co-ed Excel team totally bit it on the task (creating an interactive sales display at a sporting goods store and increasing sales) - they actually made sales decline by 34%! - Donald, Carolyn, and Bill Rancic were livid. And it was clear that there would be a shake-up as Donald decided on who was facing elimination, versus letting PM Josh decide. And Donald chose four of the slacking members: Josh, Jennifer, James and Mark. After some grandstanding and bickering, bam! ALL FOUR OF THEM WERE FIRED! Then, they had to get into the taxi's backseat together. And the cab driver allowed this!


According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission's FAQ:

How many people can fit into a yellow taxicab?

The maximum amount of passengers allowed in a yellow taxicab by law is FIVE people including the driver. An additional passenger must be accepted if such passenger is under the age of seven (7) and is held on the lap of an adult passenger seated in the rear.

While Jennifer and Josh acts like they are 7, they're not, and we can only assume that the cameraman was in the front passenger seat, so that means there were SIX people in the cab. Dunh dunh DUNH. Still, it's the second best taxi ride since Travis Bickle meets Betsy - they were totally silent, but trying not to crack up because it was just so nuts. Bravo, Donald, bravo. You may not be a real billionaire, but you do have showmanship.

Oh, yeah, and some marketing materials by The Apprentice, the show, were illegal.

Taxi image from TVGasm