In the grand tradition of badmouthing former opponents/teammates on reality shows, The Apprentice's Katrina Campins went on WPLJ and was talking about how Amy Henry has been involved with two cast membersl: "My question to her [Amy] is, well, you're a 'ruthless businesswoman,' yet it seems like your emotions for two separate men are getting in the way of this job. She's denying it now, of course, and I'd be denying it if I slept with two people as well." Okay, as far as Gothamist can see, Amy's prospects were Nick (blech) and...The Donald? Is that why he likes her so much? Or was it Sam? Yeah - total denial there.

Of course Amy is denying all: "This claim is absolutely false and is so ridiculous it really does not warrant a response. I think Katrina is a beautiful, smart young woman and I'm sorry to see her use such a ploy as a PR measure." People say that had there been any hanky-panky, it would have ended up on the show, which Gothamist can believe, since Mark Burnett is such a ratings whore. That's why we think the "sleeping" probably happened in some alley, elevator, or taxicab. But, jeez, all the people on The Apprentice are such idiots. Except for Carolyn and George. Gothamist loved Carolyn Kepcher's interview with the Times yesterday. And Troy - we hated you less than Nick and Amy, so we'll miss you - just not your hat.