Gothamist will refrain from commenting about who was fired from last night's penultimate Apprentice 2 episode, lest we anger some of our friends and readers who had things to do last night, unlike us who watched with horror as events unfolded. We will instead point out that it's hilarious that this year, Donald Trump won't entrust running events at one of his companies/resorts/casinos as the final task. Instead, GE (owner of NBC Universal) subsidiary Genworth, a rebranded financial company who wants to "raise its profile," must endure the less-than-competent machinations of the Apprentice wannabes for Genworth events. And we like to say the shrill screeching from last night's boardroom is still trilling in our ears. Thanks, Jen and Sandy.

We love that Sesame Street will be spoofing the Apprentice when its new season starts in April of next year. The AP caption for this photo is "Donald Grump meets Donald Trump." And we echo the thoughts of Television Without Pity, who made a point about the fact that Ivana was booted from the final five, which is where Troy was booted last year, shows how this year's talent pool is much thinner. This season has been compelling due to annoyingness. Last year's Bill and Kwame matchup was much better; at least we had people to root for.