The Apprentice

The Times looks at the beautiful partnership that is reality TV guru Mark Burnett (a former nanny too!) and Donald Trump, what with the reality show, The Apprentice, about aspiring moguls vying for a job with the Donald on deck. The most amusing part was research that compared the Donald with celebrity entrpreneurs: "Mr. Trump was considered less appealing to see in a reality show than Oprah Winfrey or Ted Turner, but more engaging than P. Diddy or Martha Stewart."

How awesome would it be to see Ted Turner in a reality show. There'd be Southern style cussin', some skirt-chasing, and Yosemite Sam (but richer) style antics. And trips to get the lithium. We sort of already watch Oprah's reailty.

And check it out: The New York City skyline is super popular for logos and book covers! Casting specs for The Apprentice.