So, yesterday's news that the Beastie Boys would be performing on 53rd Street and Broadway for the Late Show was anti-climactic according to commenters: "What we got was an hour and a half standing in the heat for 15 seconds of the Beastie Boys rapping a capella to inaudible backing tracks as they raced down the sidewalk before heading back inside." Another said "that was the weakest sh*t." Yes, it was all set-up for the actual performance inside the Ed Sullivan Theater, that began with the Beastie Boys coming from the subway station and rapping-n-walking to the theater, which looked great. Lesson learned: TV magic may not be fun for spectators waiting in humid weather, but it's good when you're inside with the AC or a fan going. Reader Dave sent us photos of the a capella rapping (now, Mike D with glasses) and Ben Stiller, faux-injured from some Dodgeball warm-ups. Gothamist is pretty certain this kind of dodgeball doesn't get you as beaten up, but who knows?

Ben Stiller