The American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium has just reopened following a major renovation project. The dome now has a new screen, and the Museum notes that it's better than ever—"the seams on the new 360-degree screen are virtually invisible, greatly improving the viewing experience." Do you know what would look great on this new screen? Laser Floyd. Remember laser Floyd? If you attended you probably do not remember it, if you were doing laser Floyd correctly.

I reached out to the Museum and asked, "Will laser Floyd ever return?" Their answer was unambiguous: "No, those haven't happened for a very long time."

The Museum's laser shows ended in 1997, just following their peak in the U.S., but a rock n' roll light show returned in 2003 thanks to SonicVision.

"How about bringing back something like this?" I asked. "SonicVision ended in 2010—as far as I know, there are no plans to do something similar again." :(

Anyway, here's a timelapse showing the screen's replacement, which began in August. Play Dark Side of the Moon backwards while watching it and The Wizard of Oz will appear.

Here's what you WILL be able to watch on the new screen, which is all very cool programming, but it doesn't feature Pink Floyd or Radiohead.