[above: Tim Burton. From Nightmare Before Christmas: "Jack in the Graveyard", mixed media on paper, 11 x 14”]

Gothamist has noticed a number of great exhibitions going on over at AMMI right now.

First, running through November, is the Tim Burton Drawings exhibit, which is comprised of 27 drawings from 12 of his films. Each was selected by Burton himself, from his own personal collection.

Burton is known for his animation as much as he is known for his filmmaking. He seems to prefer the former however and in an interview with XFM recently he stated "I doodle. I don't animate every day that's a whole other thing. But I try to draw a little bit every day it helps me think." 

So go check out Tim Burton Drawings and see how his films were conceptualized first on paper. Don't forget to go back in October, we're sure this will even more poignant around Halloween.

The other exhibit we've been checking out online is The Living Room Candidate. This exhibit is a look back on campaign commercials from 1952 to the present. You can view each commercial and learn about how they were made, the motivation behind them and the slogans that could have won it or lost it for the candidates. So go online now and get the inside scoop on what's behind the propaganda.

You can also read about The Desktop Candidate which explores the campaigning process through new media. After all, the country turns to its high speed internet for everything now, presidential elections are not exempt.

American Museum of the Moving Image is located @ 35 Avenue at 36 Street in Astoria, New York