Gothamist was pretty wary about NBC's version of The Office, but the commercials and previews have make it look very watchable. And we love shows that touch upon how insanely soul-crushing the office life can be. The American cast even looks pretty schlubby - a rarity this side of dumb-oaf-male leads on some sitcoms (you know, the ones where you're wondering "How did he land Leah Remini?") - which must have been an answered prayer to all those people labeled "character actors." We'll be tuning in tonight at 9:30PM, after the other office comedy, The Apprentice.

NBC has a
Dunder Mifflin, the faux-company/Werner Hogg counterpart in the show. Dan Dickinson noted Ricky Gervais's thoughts about the Americanized Office. The NY Times gives the show a positive review (Alessandra Stanley objects to one character being good-looking), while the Post's Adam Buckman admits he never saw the original Office (he thinks this one is pretty good, too). And you can see the original The Office on BBC America or via DVD.