phpe9eYw5PM.jpgA small hotel chain that got some ink spilled about it last year in The NY Times, The Ace Hotel, will now bring its charm to New York. They're currently setting up shop at 29th and Broadway, and bringing a Stumptown Coffee (a favorite amongst Pacific Northwesters) with it. The grand opening will be in Winter 08/09, and it will come with a new restaurant from the people behind The Spotted Pig. The Ace tell us a little bit about what to expect:

Ace is the low card and the high card. Our basic rooms are affordable but replete with cool amenities. Our big suites offer all the luxury you would expect from a high-end hotel. Ace Hotel New York is improvisational, a mix of styles, historical periods and objects that come together in layers. The hotel’s design takes its cues from the vibrancy of street life, the honesty of materials and the potential of invention. It is about soul, latent in the old architecture and re-introduced through the new design.

Hotel Chatter

got a first look at the New York Ace, and says the rooms have a residential feel, and the one model room opened included a "full size SMEG refrigerator (think That 70's Show) stocked with goods from local NYC names like Brooklyn Brewery." They just got some renderings together (below), and to get a real feel what it's going to be like, check out their rooms in Portland and Seattle...which are nicer, and larger, than some NYC apartments.