2006_03_santinokid.jpgLast night penultimate season 2 episode of Project Runway had its share of fashion ("It's just fashion!") but there were critical visits to the homes of the the final three to see them in the process of designing. This time around, the designers got $8,000 (didn't they get $10,000 last year) to design 12 pieces for the collection, and Heidi Klum and Tim jGunn feted the final three with champagne (and sparkling apple cider) at the Atlas. Cut to five months later, just five weeks before Fashion Week, when Tim Gunn heads to L.A. to see Santino, NYC (okay, not much of a trip) to see Daniel, and Houston to see Chloe to make his adorble Gunnisms ("I'm disarmed!"). Santino is going for '40s glamour and has some truly lovely designs, while Daniel is going for miltary meets Japanese. Chloe...well, she doesn't have sketches or a concept - everything's "organic" and you can totally tells that freaks out Tim Gunn inside but he doesn't say it.

And then, we're back in New York, a few days before the runway show, when Heidi and Tim throw down the bomb: While they're in the process of finishing their 12 outfits, they must design a thirteenth look. Crap, maybe thirteen is an unlucky number sometimes, but there is a now-classic reality show twist on that, which we'll discuss in comments for the spoiler babies. Here are our thoughts about the episode:

2006_03_chloedan.jpg- Leaving the Atlas in yellow cabs - very Apprentice-like!
- Who knew young children were not afraid of Santino?
- Also, Santino's and Chloe's baby pictures were really cute; Daniel's high-school era pictures were hilarious
- We don't think Daniel's new haircut is doing anything for him
-Tim Gunn looked so cute with Chloe and her sisters
- We're so jealous of Daniel taking Tim Gunn shopping
- Of course Daniel would think Santino would try to create a dildo dress
- Santino's statement that he's read every sh1tty blog while waiting for fashion week: Priceless
- Heidi Klum has the most amazing metabolism and genetics ever
- The producers were a little sadistic in how they totally screwed with the designers' morale by the end of the episode - good job!

All in all, we liked all the candidates once again - they seemed imaginative, interesting, and human. We can't wait until next week's finale, but till then, carry on!