Purebred dogs from across the country are rocking out at Madison Square Garden for the Westminster Kennel Club's 131 Westminster Dog Show. Over 2,600 dogs are competing today and tomorrow for Best in Breed and Best in Show prizes. Many dogs and their owners stay at the Hotel Pennsylvania across the street from MSG, where dogs meet each other and their owners sniff out the competition.

You can see the results of today's winners here at the WKC site. The best in breed winner for the Dandie Dinmont terrier was Ch Hobergays Fineus Fogg (pictured), who is also known as Harry. Harry's handler is Bill McFadden and his owners are Dr. Emma Greenway, Jean Heath and Dr. William H. Cosby. Oh, yes, as in Bill Cosby - the Cos has a top dog! Cosby has known Heath for many years has backed many of Heath's dogs. The comedian has said about Harry, "I love Harry's face and his attitude!"


Although the dog show is a festive - if intense - event, many people are thinking about Vivi, the Best in Breed whippet winner from last year who escape from her traveling crate at JFK. After a year of many sighting but no success in finding her, owners are conscientious of how they travel with their pets. The Vivi search group organizer, Bonnie Folz, even "issued a 13-point bulletin to owners flying their dogs last week" - you can read it here, at Newsday's Animal House blog by Denise Flaim. Flaim has been keeping tabs of the Vivi Watch.

Live coverage begins tonight on USA at 8PM. Flaim is also blogging the show - it's good reading.

Top photograph of "Hank", an American Staffordshire Terrrier, left, sniffing "Guiness," Ch. Tenderland KD Cal-E Callahan, an Irish wolfhound from Tupelo, Miss. at the Hotel Pennsylvania by Kathy Willens/AP; lower photograph of handler Bill McFadden posing for a picture with Harry by Mary Altaffer/AP