There are $11 movie tickets at some chains around town, but for one week, the Ziegfeld will be charging $12.50, a whopping $1.75 more than usual, when it premieres The Producers. Yes, $12.50. Is this because The Producers the Broadway musical started the trend of charging serious dough for theater tickets? And they are thinking that fans of the Broadway show will rush to see it the first week? Lame! Some exhibitors claim that with other costs of living rising, this is reasonable, but Gothamist likes to think this is why the movie business better rethink it's model, because we can buy DVDs for the cost of a movie ticket and a popcorn. The Post finds outraged movie goers, who complain that prices are rising even as they are held hostage by the 20+ minutes of movie theater commercials, which makes us realizes that we haven't really noticed if local chains were publishing "real movie times" - you know, when the previews start, versus when the commercials started.

Are you willing to pay up? Via Movie City News, which wonders, "Wouldn't It Be Great Movie Industry PR For Universal To Give Up Their $1 Of The Increase Or Even Eat The Whole $1.75 As A Nod To Consumers?" Seriously.