2003_10_incredibles.jpgThe next Pixar animated film, The Incredibles, has been eagerly anticipated since the teaser was shown before Finding Nemo this summer. You can see the teaser, but there's also a new John Ratzenberger introduced "Making of" preview of sorts online. (What's with John Ratzenberger, he's like a studio player for Pixar these days? Will the Pig be in The Incredibles?) Cool things Gothamist didn't realize: Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jason Lee provide voices, in addition to Craig T. "Coach" Nelson as the head Incredible.

The Incredibles opens on November 5, 2004. More information about The Incredibles from a fan site. Director Brad Bird has also been involved with The Simpsons and King of the Hill, plus the woefully underseen Iron Giant.