Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was explicitly called a white nationalist by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi the other day, can't seem to shake accusations that he's anti-Semitic. Probably it has something to do with the fact that he very recently ran a website that wrote RENEGADE JEW in a headline, and that whole business with his ex-wife claiming he didn't want their kids going to a school full of Jews or also maybe being the mastermind of an ad where Trump talking about a (((global elite))) with pictures of prominent Jews cast as said elite. Adding to this problem, it now turns out that Bannon once wrote an outline of a documentary he wanted to film about Islam taking over America thanks in part to "enablers" like of Jews and the media.

The Washington Post reports that back in his movie producer days, Bannon wrote an eight-page draft describing "The Islamic States of America," documentary that would delve into the incredibly real but scary threat of America becoming a theocracy. Or I guess I should say, the wrong kind of theocracy.

Bannon's film outline opens on a beautiful spring day in Washington, DC. Except...what's that...the flag looks different somehow...Bannon's outline describes the difference as such:

"Instead of the stars and stripes - the crescent and the star!!!"

How you feeling yet America? Is your mind BLOWN? After this dark look into a future where America is ruled by the whims of religious fascists (no again you're thinking of the wrong religion if you think of this), Bannon's film would contain interviews a series of people who are supposed to be experts on radical Islam. Included in the film's potential talking head segments was Robert Spencer, who's been flagged as an anti-Muslim extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The film also planned to blame groups like the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America for allegedly downplaying, and even working behind the scenes to foment, threats caused by radical Islam. In addition to CAIR and ISA siphoning America's precious bodily fluids, the film would accuse high-profile newspapers, colleges, the CIA and FBI as well as "the American Jewish Community" (all of them I guess) among others, as helping to enable Muslims to take over the government through appeasement and accommodation.

The proposed hatefest stands in stark contrast to his previously reported film ideas, like a Shakespearean drama set during the L.A. riots and a Shakespearean outer space fuckfest. Anyway, it's great that we have horned-up war-mad dough boys obsessed with a clash of civilizations running the country who will definitely be more than happy to fight in the dumb wars they start.