Terminal Five, the art exhibit at JFK Airport's Terminal Five that opened to fanfare last week, was shut down by the Port Authority, due to concerns, it seems, from the terminal's future tenant, Jet Blue. Today, Manhattan User's Guide writes:

A shocker. Terminal Five, which we wrote recently was sure to be the "coolest art exhibit of the year" has been shut down by the Port Authority – yes, the same Port Authority that was a sponsor. Seems there was a bit of vandalism on opening night and the PA decided, rather late in the game, that the whole thing would be a security risk. As you can imagine, curator Rachel Ward (who has worked for a year on this with no pay) and the artists are distraught. The PA, over the years, has maintained a fairly unpopular image, which this latest move will no doubt further burnish. You can help get Terminal Five open again by calling the PA's perfectly named Ernesto Butcher, 212.435.7887, and urge him to reconsider.

Thanks, Charlie. Terminal Five's website notes the exhibit has been shut down until further notice. lightningfield's photographs of opening night and some more information on Jet Blue's censorship of other pieces. And the Observer on the opening night party (third item).

Photograph from David Gallagher's lightningfield