It was bound to happen: three recent NYU grads have taken up residency in a Bushwick backyard. For $100 each per month the men get their own 5-by-8 plot of land where they've set up tents. They say it's not only financially practical, but it's a "badass thing to do." Keeping their expensive belongings (aside from the Tempurpedic mattresses) in a hallway in the 2-bedroom apartment which houses six others, they say "the most challenging aspect of their living situation is not sleeping outside as much as sharing a single shower among nine people." Overall they seem to be enjoying the adventure, even if the rain can be a downer at times. Note to outdoorsy ladies: they're single! Houseboat living, tent living...what will these crazy kids think of next? And will we all be knocking on their tent flaps when the economy finishes imploding?