Jack Black AttackDateline: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 approximately 7:15 PM EST. I'm sitting in the Burritoville on Chambers Street waiting for my Fogged in in Oregon burrito to be made. All of a sudden, I am face-to-face with celebrity actor and musician Jack Black. Because of his perpetually disheveled look, I was unable to place him immediately as a celebrity. I knew I recognized his face, but initially thought he might have been some loser I knew from high school (my high school being just down the block, after all. Stuyvesant is incidentally the alma mater of other musical misfits, such as the Beastie Boys and Thelonious Monk). My impertinent stare drew an annoyed look back from the harried seeming Mr. Black.

Unanswered questions remain: Where was Kyle Gass? Why, for the love of God, didn't he order a burrito?