Tenacious D; Photo - Newsday

A Plexiglass box. A hunger strike. A sort of mock band. Add a DVD release, and you've got a concept for a press conference. Tenacious D announced on Monday their 45 day hunger strike for rock. However, Jack Black told reporters the strike would end early if on the following happened: "The Complete Masterworks" - their new DVD of videos - goes platinum, if "hunger is solved" or if there is peace in Middle East. And the Reuters reports "when the pair was asked the longest duration either had gone without sustenance, [Kyle] Gass replied that one time he had gone eight hours between meals. Black said that once he slept for 12 hours, effectively spending 13 hours in-between meals."

Kyle Gass is in Elf. So is Andy Richter. And Amy Sedaris. As if you needed any more reasons see it.