Last Friday's death of a contractor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was ruled an accident. The ME's office said the 60 foot fall from the glass ceiling that Marcin Kielar had been waterproofing was the cause of his death; other sources say Kielar was not wearing a safety harness. The Post, which used "Temple of Doom" as their headline, noted that there are "catwalks and rigging" for workers to maintain the area and that there may have been some issues with Kielar's use of a counterweight (which are routinely used to balance weight while working on the glass ceiling). The NY Times mentioned another death at the Met a few years ago - a worker fell in a shaft between the Temple of Dendur and the Chinese galleries.

In light of the tragedy, Gothamist wonders if the Temple of Dendur exhibit will be closed for a while. It is one of the most beautiful oases in the city, and it's remarkable that we do get the pleasure and access of the Met as well as other museums the way we do. Look at this Christian Science Monitor article about museum security.