Jennifer Egan on Friendster

After reading Jennifer Egan's sort-of-interesting (in that, "Eh, I can read it on the train" way) but-not-that-enlightening article on Internet dating in the Times magazine, Gothamist found it more interesting to find Jennifer Egan (one of many) on Friendster:

About Jennifer: "I'm working on a story for the New York Times Magazine on internet personals."
Who Jennifer Wants (Wanted?) to Meet: "People with some typing or talking energy who are willing to be interviewed about their experience with online personals, be it brief, lengthy, weird, lousy, transcendent or any variation/ combination thereof."

Jennifer Egan's Friendster profile and her own website. We liked her book, Look at Me, so we'll just assume that this article is fodder for a future novel. In that case, Jennifer Egan, contact us as we have many thoughts about the topic.

low culture guesses future Times magazine stories.