Bye Bye Bolaris?
Bolaris_WCBS_August_07.jpgIt looks like WCBS meteorologist John Bolaris may really be leaving town, as Newsday reported on Tuesday that he sold his home in Wainscott, Long Island for $2.695 million. However, the Newsday piece did say that he was planning to buy a new house "south of Montauk Highway”, however it did not mention how far south, like closer to Philadelphia.

Last week you may recall, we speculated when his contract is up this year that he could possibly be returning from whence he came, WCAU, the NBC owned station in Philadelphia, due to the departure of a meteorologist at the station.

In the latest twist in the story, a website which is apparently linked to a Philadelphia newspaper claimed yesterday that he may be headed to WTXF, the Fox owned station there. We think that this may not be accurate, as in our discussions with some people familiar with the market there noted that the weather department at the Fox owned station has both popular meteorologists as well as fairly stable and the NBC owned station has been in a ratings slump and requires a boost, plus the weather-centric station is down a forecaster.

Katie's Anniversary on the Road
Ratings challenged Katie Couric will anchor the CBS Evening News from Baghdad, Iraq on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will then move the show to Damascus, Syria for the remainder of the week in what the network denies is a move to get more viewers. We suspect that part of the reason behind the trip is to deflect attention from her anniversary on September 5th of one poorly rated year behind the anchor desk.

Don Dahler Drops Anchor at CBS 2
Don Dahler, late of ABC News, will join WCBS as weekend evening anchor effective September 8. Dahler is a veteran award winning journalist who reported for ABC from Ground Zero from the early hours of the attack well into the recovery efforts and then reported from the Middle East for the network. He has also worked as a reporter for NBC News as well as Fox News Channel and has worked behind the camera for CBS News as a producer.

New Orleans Absence
Wednesday, NBC was the only one of the network newscasts to find the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina important enough to send the anchor there to broadcast from, as Brian Williams helmed the broadcast from near the Superdome. Both NBC and ABC led with the anniversary, but CBS lead with the senator gay bathroom sex solicitation bust, relegating the anniversary to second in the story line up.

Get Mad
If you have missed what has been the best new scripted show this summer, AMC’s Mad Men, you will get a chance to play catch up on Sunday starting at 10 a.m.. The network is replaying all seven of the episodes that have aired up until now of this clever series set in a 1960s Madison Avenue ad agency.