WCBS_Bx_GFX.jpgLast Thursday, all of the stations covered the tragic fire in the Bronx quite well and took the opportunity for some refreshers on basic fire safety. As expected, WCBS went way overboard creating a whole special set of graphics for the station’s coverage, complete with new lower thirds that used a different font which were ready by Thursday’s 5 p.m. newscast. For 6 p.m., CBS 2 needlessly sent anchor Jim Rosenfeld to the scene, as they tend to do with most big stories.

It is this sort of misdirection of resources that makes us wonder about what WCBS is thinking. In the past few months they have needlessly sent reporters to cover the Anna Nicole Smith body trial in Florida, and the murder of two college students in Arizona. It is no wonder they are not doing well in the ratings.

Quick hits:
Last Thursday, WABC’s Bill Ritter went door to door in Highbridge giving residents smoke detectors that had old smoke detectors and those who didn't have them. It made for some good television and provided a plug for the sponsor of the station's fire safety program Operation 7 Save a Live, Kidde.

Kudos to Fox 5's Charles Leaf who got some action and heat for some apartment dwellers in the East Tremont section of the Bronx on Wednesday.

We have been pleasantly surprised with Fox’s Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Normally we don’t like Jeff Foxworthy, but he does a pretty good job hosting this fun and clever game show.

Sunday night when we tuned into Fox 5 for The Simpsons there was some unneeded post auto racing programming on. We wonder why The Simpson’s couldn’t have started on time and the in studio blathering couldn’t have been eliminated so the Fox prime time schedule could have run on time. Perhaps wasting gas leads to not caring about wasting people’s time, screwing up recordings. Perhaps they want to drive away regular viewers due to not having silly events end on time.

Finally a bit of clarification from last time. WNBC is in second place in the English language 6 p.m. news race, but overall, they are third behind Spanish language WXTV’s Noticias Univision 41 which is in the number 2 spot behind WABC.