One Finger Salute
Wednesday night on WNBC’s 11 p.m. newscast, Michael Gargiulo in a live report about a police shooting in the Bronx appeared to give viewers the finger. In actuality he was holding a photo, however the way he was holding it made it appear that he was giving the one finger salute. Such are the perils of live television.

Resurfacing Talent
Former Fox-5er Naamua Delaney is now one of the ensemble hosts of NBC's new iVillagelive, the female focused lifestyle show which appears on Bravo and locally on WNBC at 12 noon. She may not be there long, since the show is barely a blip on the ratings radar since it premiered last week.

Former WNBC weekend anchor Felicia Taylor is now with CNN where she has returned to business reporting. Taylor was on the business beat before with the Financial News Network, the Financial Times, and CNBC.

WABC Goes High Def for Eyewitness News
WABC quietly transitioned to HD for its newscasts last week. No observable changes have occurred, with WABC retaining their old mid-1990s style graphics and their current set. It is rumored that they will be getting a new set sometime in the next year when their studio mate Live with Regis and Kelly moves into the studio used by the failed Tony Danza Show.