Friday will mark the end of an era when Sue Simmons will anchor her final Live at Five in almost twenty-seven years. As we have mentioned before, WNBC has decided to do some shifting of its early evening newscasts with a 30 minute newscast at 5:00 anchored by Lynda Baquero and David Ushery followed by a Perri Peltz anchored a light news and features half hour called News 4 You. Sue will be teamed up with 11:00 “anchor husband” Chuck Scarborough at 6:00.

The changes at WNBC appear to be a bit of history repeating, since the original concept of Live at Five was headlines in the first half hour with lighter pieces and interviews in the second half hour. Time will tell if the changes can get NBC 4 out of second place behind WABC.

Numbers Game
The February Sweeps Nielsen Ratings came out and WABC was #1 from sign on to sign off with WCBS, WNBC, WNYW, WXTV, WPIX, WNJU, and WWOR following. WABC also dominated the local news numbers, winning in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. WNBC was second place, except for noon since WNBC doesn’t have a noon newscast. Despite strong prime time performance of the CBS lineup, WCBS wasn’t able to break from third place in the news race. At ten, WNYW still is number one, followed by WPIX and WWOR.

Correction, not Perfection
We heard from WNBC political reporter Jay DeDapper about his station’s Politics to Go podcasts we mentioned last time around. In an e-mail, Jay clarified exactly what the podcasts will be, “First we generally use both pieces that have aired in our 5 or 6 broadcast that day since plenty of people aren't home to watch AND we use material that has not been on the air. In addition most of the bullet points we go over are things that also didn't make it into our newscasts. Politics to Go is designed for people who don't see our early shows where most of our political coverage resides and is to date the ONLY daily political video podcast produced in the country by a local TV station.” We stand corrected and were basing things on the podcasts that iTunes downloaded.

Quick hits:
CBS 's Kristine Johnson began maternity leave March 1.

And finally a bit of rumor control. Despite speculation on various internet forums, Roz Abrams will not be heading to WNBC. A WNBC spokesperson said of the rumor, “It's just that, a rumor with absolute no truth to it.”