There are two lenses into the life of a business person today. The Times looks at business travelers and their secret: watching too much television. CNN, being maybe a month or two behind the curve, examines the BBC show, The Office, that is making people wince at recognition of their own sad offices and the people that inhabit them for good chunks of their lives.

Gothamist especially liked the Times article, because it was heartening to know that we're not the only ones calling up hotels to make sure they have HBO (plus, did you know that the Hilton Millenium downtown has 42" plasma TV screens?) We don't have BBCAmerica but as we feel The Office would be the work corollary to Curb Your Enthusiasm, we're going to pre-order the DVD.

Our favorite movie on office life is still Office Space and our favorite report is the TPS report, especially the cover sheet.