City teens are transforming from Lady to Gaga this prom season! According to the NY Post, girls are choosing to dress more like strippers than schoolgirls... but what else is new? The look for Prom 2010 is all about baring the bellybutton and pissing off the parents.

One Saks 5th Avenue saleswoman actually hocking the goods was disgusted, saying, "I can't believe that mothers let high school girls buy these dresses for prom." And the same story rings true over on Flatbush Avenue, where a store manager told the paper, "For prom this year, girls want short and poofy or long, tight-fitting, with everything cut out — the sides are gone, the back is gone, the front is basically gone." Maybe everyone's prom theme is Jersey Shore this year!

As for a dress code, the Department of Education must be too busy banning bake sales to make one up, because there is no dress code. However, one principal in the Bronx says, "They're not allowed to wear anything where their breasts are exposed... and their rear ends can't be exposed." Save it for Halloween, young ladies!