0805kisspig.jpgLast month Dumbo Books announced a new release by writer Richard Grayson called Who Will Kiss the Pig? Sex Stories for Teens; the announcement got some attention after their Craigslist ad was published. You see, they were looking for cool-looking hipsters to write blurbs for the book, and now they've finally sent out a PDF copy to those who inquired. What took so long? "We have been waiting for Monday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling [on internet child pornography] to ascertain whether we could still go ahead with publication of the book." Luckily, after consulting with their attorney they got the green light!

Along with the PDF came a stern warning against news of this getting out to any media, especially Gawker, who they refer to as "despicable" for writing "a very mean article about our Craigslist ad." But since the book is now on sale, not alerting the media might not be the best sales plan.

As for the sexy cool hipster blurbs, they weren't included in the PDF, however we do learn that the 50-something-year-old author splits his time between Sunrise Golf Village, Florida; Apache Junction, Arizona; and Williamsburg, Brooklyn... and the title may be a little more than misleading, though they do warn "if you are under 18, it is ESSENTIAL that you have your parents' permission before reading the attached book."