14-year-old New York rapper Astronomical Kid wasn't afraid to call dudes out for looking at his mom, and it's getting him a lot of press, and a lot of YouTube hits! His song and video for "Stop Looking at My Moms"—which we posted yesterday—has now scored him an interview with the Daily News. The high school freshman (whose real name is Brian Bradley) told the paper, "I didn't like the way people were staring at my mother when I walked down the street. It was very offending."

Bradley, who hails from Bed-Stuy, says "I decided instead of being violent, and going about it the wrong way, I'd put it on a record. It's a track everyone can relate to. I don't like people lookin' at my moms. I'm pretty sure nobody likes it. Women, they are not pieces of meat. They are human beings. They should be respected. Men should know better."

Someone raised their son the right way! As for his mom, she was too shy to give her name to the paper, but told them, "It shows that he loves his mom, and he knows what it means to respect a woman." Bradley has been performing since he was 10, and his next gig is opening for Fabolous at Pace University.