Wasn't it Andy Warhol who said something about, "in the future everyone will have their own reality television show"? Well step right up Ted Williams! It is probably too soon to put the spotlight back on the Golden Voice, who was saved from the streets thanks to a YouTube video gone viral, but is still battling his addictions that landed him there in the first place. While he's been polished up to look good for the cameras, that doesn't mean his insides are okay, Hollywood. But alas, TMZ has learned that he's just landed his own reality television show, which will begin filming in two short weeks.

The show is called Second Chances at Life, and it will document how he "went from a promising radio career to living on the streets... to becoming a YouTube sensation. The series will also follow Ted's life as he battles to rebuild his career and personal life."

The show is going to be filming in Los Angeles, Ohio, and even his hometown of Brooklyn.