2004_06_artstlrx.jpgGothamist is still drying off from Friday's Seaport Music Festival performance by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

The rain was just beginning to fall as we exited the subway, but by the time the openers – Glaswegian quartet Sons and Daughters – hit the stage, it was coming down pretty steadily. The set ended abruptly after only two songs, but we liked what we heard.

After a rain delay – during which Leo skateboarded in the pouring rain on the empty pier, fans cheering, except when he fell – spectators trickled out from under the Pier 17 awnings and umbrellas were put away. Leo and his band took the stage, keeping in good spirits despite the bad weather luck.

“It’s always something. Either a blackout, or a thunderstorm,” he told the crowd, referring to last year’s festival performance on August 14 that fell victim to the blackout.

Leo performed several tracks from both Hearts of Oak and The Tyranny of Distance, as well as a couple of songs from the forthcoming album the band recently finished recording. However, it wasn’t long before the rain resumed and large plastic sheets had to be put back down over the speakers.

The set was about to be cut short, but Leo insisted on playing one last song. The band broke into “Timorous Me”, the crowd singing along with every word. Brooklyn Heights continued to disappear in the background, fading further into the misty slate twilight as the storm grew stronger.

No sooner had the band exited the stage, a bolt of lightning clapped overhead, soliciting a yelp from the scattering crowd, declaring that the evening had come to an end.

Ted Leo will be playing a solo show this upcoming Saturday, July 3 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, and alongside the Pharmacists for another free show at the East River Amphitheater on Saturday, July 24.