Tatu at the MTV Movie Awards

Okay, Gothamist has had its opinion about t.A.T.u. (two girls willingly[?] being exploited by a savvy producer, Ivan Shapovalov, kind of like a Russian Lou Pearlman, preying upon the public's fascination with teenage girls and lesbians), but their performance at the MTV Movie Awards was so over-the-top and crazy that we have to give them props. First, the the two girls who are t.A.T.U. walked through the audience, singing, making their way to the stage, wearing tank tops and mini-skirts.

Then the auditorium was filled with what seemed like hundreds (but probably just something in the tens) of girls in school uniforms, a la Britney Spears from "Baby, One More Time": White shirt, tie, and super short skirt. We suppose there was singing, but then all the girls took their skirts and shirts off, to dance in tank tops and men's briefs. Gothamist applauds Ivan or whoever on t.A.t.U.'s team envisioned that, because that's exactly what the MTV Movie Awards are about. [Via Sam]

Check out the performance here at MTV.

Tatu/t.A.t.U./whatever's official site.