Just one more reason your Mr. Mets tattoo was a bad idea. (Photo via milkshakepants)

Today in scaremongering: the FDA has recently launched a new tattoo study, focused on a chemical in black ink called benzo(a)pyrene, which may give you cancer. Their studies on lab animals have shown that it could lead to skin cancer and malignant melanomas. These concerns have been around for a few months, however, and as of now "doesn't seem to concern tattoo artists or their clients." (For the record, two out of two Gothamist staffers with black ink aren't that concerned, though one declared: "I have enough possible made up ailments to worry about!"). But maybe this Daily News story will?

The paper reports today that a man contracted HIV after getting a tattoo in Bali. The Western Australian man was there on a recent holiday, and now health officials are warning travelers "to be careful about getting tattoos or piercings in developing countries."