2006_05_arts_tattoo.jpgWe're still filling our change jar, saving up for our next tattoo - so this weekends Tattoo Convention is a big tease for us. However, we may just have to head over there anyway.

Artists worldwide will be displaying their work and, we're guessing, will be open for business if you want to get inked. In addition, there will be contests for best tattoos each day (more details on that here), a "sideshow" (which isn't described but...when isn't a sideshow interesting?) and book signings. Here's a list of all the artists who will be participating, a lot of New York shops are representing - including our favorite, NY Adorned.

Thanks to local tattoo artist, ArtGalNY for the tip!

Friday 4pm - 12am, Saturday 12pm - 12am, Sunday 12pm - 8pm // Roseland Ballroom [239 West 52nd St] // $18 - 50