Over the weekend, Target opened up its new East Village store by propping up a fake streetscape meant to evoke what the neighborhood used to look like, complete with a CBGB awning (which read, instead, TRGT). The result was like stepping into a 1980s NYC pop-up shop in Epcot Center.

People were mad, because, well, this big box store was co-opting a beloved venue that was brought down by obscene rents that only corporations like Target can afford. Tim Hayes, who previously owned the CBGB name (after the Kristal family, and before this mess), told Gothamist this morning, "Everyone and anyone involved in this is wildly out of touch with the people of the neighborhood and their cultural values."

It has taken days, but the company has finally strung together some words and presented them as an apology.

"We often host a one-day celebration that shows the neighborhood how excited we are to be part of their community. We sincerely apologize if some eventgoers felt it was not the best way to capture the spirit of the neighborhood. We always appreciate guest feedback and will take it into consideration as we plan for future opening events."

Everyone knows that if your apology uses the "we apologize if you felt [x] way" then it is not an apology. It is a passive-aggressive statement. Which actually is maybe the most punk thing Target has ever done.

Anyway, anyone know if they'll be selling these CBGB fauxnings? Would make a nice shower curtain.