Jamie Shupak, NY1's lovably kooky roadmaster, has a whole lot of personality packed into her tiny frame. Known for her early-morning bantering with news anchor (and a Gothamist fave) Pat Kiernan and her colorful wardrobe, Shupak is also testing the waters of the single life after the end of her 10-year relationship. She's documenting the whole thing in her weekly dating column for Complex, "Getting Around Town With Jamie Shupak." We sat down with Shupak to talk about becoming a traffic expert, dating, and, what really goes on behind the scenes at NY1.

So what time are you up for work in the morning? 3:16 a.m. The schedule is not for everyone. I have kind of mastered it and I love it. I work from four to noon. I have a report at noon. I'm out the door every single day at five after twelve and I'm home at ten after twelve. I live five blocks from work. I come home, I take a nap and then I have all day and night to myself. I never set an alarm unless I have something to do. My body doesn't require much sleep.

Have you ever gone out all night and gone straight to work at four? No! I've only gone straight to work once in my morning television existence and I would never do it again. I've gone in on a half hour of sleep... forty-five minutes of sleep. That's doable. You have to separate night from day. You have to. Even if it's a half an hour. That's obviously not ideal. On a Sunday into Monday I try to stay responsible and go to bed early. On Sunday I like to shut it down at 7:00 or 7:30. But then as the week goes on I kind of fall of the wagon.

Do you drink coffee? No caffeine for this girl! Zero. Ever.

How does one become a traffic reporter? When I was younger I thought I was going to be a serious hard news reporter. Out of college, I sent my tape everywhere, and News 12 on Long Island called me and said they needed a traffic reporter and I was like, "I only know one road in New York, I'm from Philly," but they said they would teach me everything. I went for a couple weeks and my boss drove me around--News 12 Traffic and Weather covers the five boroughs, Connecticut, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Long Island, so we drove every road in the area. What I learned then that I still keep with me now is that it's not just about knowing where the BQE runs, it's knowing that at this part of the BQE there's always construction. Or on this part of the BQE you can see the other side of the road. It's always important, on some highways you can't see the other side of the road because there's a median or there might be some crazy billboard. Those kinds of things are the things that are really going to show people that you know what you're talking about.

So now you're an expert. Do you have a car? I do not have a car. I do have a driver's license. I drive. My younger brother lives in Queens, he has a car. So I borrow his car once in a while.

You also write a dating column for Complex. What it's like being in the dating scene after going through a 10 year relationship? Why did you want to start writing about it? The editor in chief of Complex first wrote me on twitter back in November or December and he suggested we talk or do something and we e-mailed back and forth for a little bit. He said, "I don't know what we should do but I want us to do something together." He had no idea about anything about me. He just watched me on New York 1 and wanted to do a collaboration. He was like "let me know if you think of anything that you think would be good for us and I'll let you know. We'll sit down in a month or so and brainstorm." I filed it in the back somewhere. I was still figuring out where I was in this light and I started dating and a couple of my guy friends who I tell everything to were like, "you need to write a book". Then I started realizing I did have all of these stories. I called my agent and was like, "I want to write a book, how does this go on? Can I do this?" and he was like, "the first thing you're gonna need is writing experience. You can't just write a book."
So I e-mailed the editor and I wrote him about how I was with this guy for 10 years and now I'm dating. I thought it would just be like a blog I could do once a month, I had no idea what this was all gonna be. He didn't respond to me for over a week and I was kicking myself-- I was like, "I just poured my heart out and he's like this girl is nuts." But he writes me back and is like, "Sorry I was in L.A.. I'm going to have you meet our editor Jack. I think there's something here, I love the idea." So I met Jack a couple weeks later and he was like "you're a dating columnist." It just happened.

What's your overall impression of single guys here in New York? I have a lot of single friends who are really jaded, I'm not. I don't know if I haven't been on the scene long enough but I think I've been really lucky, I've met a lot of great guys.

How does your early morning schedule play into your dating life? Most guys don't get out of work til eight o'clock at night. On a first date, I always try and push them as early as possible on the first date. If I like you I'll stay out late, but I'm not trying on a first date to murder myself for a whole week. People are always like "when's good for you?" and I'm like "Noon…Chelsea Market?" [Laughs.] Luckily, it is what it is. If you don't get a lot of sleep you can take a longer nap the next day. Work in the morning is so fast-paced and I'm on six or seven hits an hour for eight hours so you don't even have a chance to be tired. I'm live every single time, it's not like "Oh Jamie doesn't feel well, we can use her last shot."

How do you differentiate yourself between Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City? It's hard! It's really cute when people say that I'm her, I love her, she's amazing. But I don't want to be her. First of all, you don't write about anything sexual related at all. It's very situational. I never refer to any guy except calling him "guy" or "dude" or "boy". I never use a name or age or job title because my purpose isn't to call a specific person out, it's to show the male gender in general what's going on and what we think is either cool or not cool.

How do the guys you go on dates with feel about you being a TV personality? They all handle it differently. I'm still learning how I want them to react. Every guy has been different. Some guys are texting me in the morning when they see me on air and they're like "hot dress." I prefer them to say something about what I say as opposed to what I'm wearing. I like someone who is funny and can kind of see the humor in all of it, like the column is for entertainment purposes only it's not a serious thing. The whole TV thing is that it's just my job. I get that my job is interesting and cool to a lot of people and like, it is, I agree with that. My parents laugh at me because I don't want someone to talk about traffic the whole time and I don't want to sit and tell you all about Pat and Roger. I love Pat and Roger and I will go on and on about them forever but there's more to me than them!

You're one of the few morning TV personalities who seems to have fun with your wardrobe. Who picks out your famous outfits and accessories? Is that all you? Famous in a good way? Really? People tweet me non-stop like, "where'd you get that dress?" but I think that other people that follow me get annoyed when I answer then. But I feel like if I asked someone that I'd want them to answer me. But it's all me, I don't have help really.

Are there requirements on what you can wear? I can't wear green, ever. I do not own one item of green in my wardrobe. You can wear forest green, sometimes olive green, but I don't even mess with it. You can't wear a really bright yellow, but otherwise you're fine. I don't wear a lot of prints because the maps are really busy so when I do wear prints people don't like it.

Do you have to pace out your outfits? Certain things are really identifiable. My favorite leopard print wrap dress, I can only wear once a month if that. As soon as I wear it people are like "she just wore that!", but I'm a human being! Didn't you just wear a blue shirt not that long ago? My best friend who lives around the corner from m e, she's been my best friend since ninth grade, works in fashion so she helps me a lot. And I used to have this other girl who worked at Diane Von Furstenberg and was a stylist, she would help me a little bit. But people now are starting to send me stuff like, "wear this watch, wear this necklace!". Oh my God, they're crazy! They send me stuff because they know people are asking me about it.

Is there a policy not to wear things that distract from the map? I was always told if you're a distraction and people are looking at what you're wearing more so than what you're saying that it's a problem. It depends on my mood. You can tell what my mood is cause sometimes I'm all in it with hoop earrings and big necklaces, bracelets, and I'm all excited. And there's other days where I'm in a black dress. They've never once told me they didn't like something or that I wasn't allowed to wear something. My big general manager who responds to every piece of New York 1 viewer e-mail, which is amazing that he does that, he came up to me and was like, "I'm going to forward you some e-mails if you want to respond to them," and they were all like "where'd she get that orange dress? Where'd she get that necklace?"

Where do you get your clothes from? My wrap dresses are all Diane Von Furstenberg, I'll spend the money on her stuff because it's good and I'm hoping to be on TV for a long and that's the kind of thing I'll have forever. When people ask me where I get my clothes I'm always like, "uh, Club Monaco, on sale, from four years ago!" It's funny for me to say. I'm just like you! I shop at J.Crew and Barney's and all regular retails. Some boutiques in the West Village. And Anthropologie, H&M, you can definitely tell quality on air sometimes. I used to get a lot of stuff from H&M because I love their stuff, but buttons will break and you can tell the difference on TV between a well made shirt.

Do you and Pat Kiernan work in the same space? No, I'm upstairs from him. Which is so funny, people think that we're making out all morning! The truth is: we are together in the make up room every morning from four to 4:45 and then after that he goes to the news room and my studio is actually a flight of steps up. Once I go upstairs to my studio we're only talking on camera to each other or between certain hits I'll go downstairs or if I have something I want to talk to him about or show him. Otherwise we're either e-mailing or tweeting each other.

What about Roger? Roger, I love Roger! But I don't see him in person as much because he comes in and he goes right out to his story.

How do you and Pat decide what to say on air? Is it scripted or improvised? Nothing is scripted. 90 percent of the time it's on the fly. Sometimes they'll say, "we have a little time to fill so you guys can chit-chat." And other times they'll say (in nicer words) "keep your mouth shut." The other 10 percent of the time one of us will say to the other, like this morning he had told me he went to the Harry Potter premiere last night and took pictures outside Lincoln Center, so he's like in one of the segments we'll show one of the pictures that him and his daughter took and we'll talk about it. But that's all we say and we'll just kind of go with it on air. Or he'll say, there's a story I really think we should talk about and he'll either send me the script to the story or a link to the story and be like "read it, make sure you know about it."

In the conversation department, do you know what he's going to ask you? No! It's totally on the fly. I'm so lucky we get a long really well and we've gotten to know each other better so we just kind of go with it. I've found one thing that people kind of like about it, which is really funny because other stations kind of shy away from it, is that they kind of like some of the awkwardness. It's funny! Sometimes we'll walk each other right into a hole! Like.."Uh, let's get to traffic!" and it's super awkward after I'm like, "really? People were watching that and they liked it?" It is what it is and it's early so people are half-asleep.

What do people say to you on the street? People have told me that their babies react better to me than some cartoons! I don't know how to take that. Is that a compliment? There's a lot of things people say to me on the street and I'm like, "Thanks...." The first thing people always always say, and I never know to react, is, "you're so tiny!", I guess it's better than them being like "you're huge!"

Are you at the point where people come up to you on the street on a daily basis?
Now it's like every day! It's crazy. As time goes on it's gotten more and more. When people see me on the street they're so nice and they're so excited and they're like, "I have my coffee with you every morning! I eat my cereal with you every morning!" A lot of times I feel bad because I am really friendly but I"m just like, "thanks for watching!" I'm not really sure what to say. I try and engage them in another conversation because if they're just talking about me and what I do I'm just like "Thanks". I always ask people what time they're watching because that interests me.

What's your peak viewership? Probably 7:30 to 8:00. I love people that are like "I see you at 5 in the morning!" I'm like I love you! Someone is watching!