Slate might have their Movie Club (which is a pretty awesome gathering of movie critics), but Gothamist is loving "The Conversation," a group blog between the creme de la creme of film/arts bloggers filmbrain, Liz Penn, greencine, the cinetrix and Aaron Dobbs (he does Gothamist Interviews with Lily Oei every few weeks). They are duking it out about this past year's movies, all the through Sunday, which is Golden Globes night. For example, from filmbrain:

When I sit down and watch a film, I want to be challenged, I want to be forced to think, and at the same time I want to feel something. (A tall order, I must admit.) Most important, I look for a sense of sincerity. I want the film to be a work of passion, and totally uncompromising. Devices, hooks, and conceits are turn-offs. Films that are too conscious of themselves, too self-satisfied, or jump up and down screaming, "Notice me! I'm a cute, quirky indie film! (read: Garden State), are irritating. The film needn't necessarily be meaty plot-wise, but at the very least it should bring something new if working within a well-worn genre.

Gothamist loves the smell of passionate people's writing about film; it reminds us how we can be more observant when we experience any art.

The Conversation is also the lesser-lauded but truly incredible Francis Ford Coppola film starring Gene Hackman. Gothamist will be watching the Golden Globes (and some pre-show as well - we're only human and we will be seething at both the Rivers sideshow and Star Jones Reynolds...as for the telecast, expect some tsunami shout-outs), and then blogging into the wee hours with a wrap-up post. [Gothamist on the nominations and our commentary from last year's telecast]