Gothamist is sorry we haven't posted about this sooner, but in the spirit of better late than never, James Sanders, author of the beautiful book Celluloid Skyline about the representation of the city in film, is speaking at the Center for Architecture tonight about Edge of the City - Waterfront, Train Station, and Grand Hotel. The lecture is the fourth and final one in a series (earlier topics included Emerald Cities - Skyscrapers Real and Imaginary, Street Scene - Row House, Tenement, and Housing Project and Domestic Elaborations - Residential Interiors in the Movie City), and costs $15 - check here for registration. If anyone has gone, let Gothamist know - we'd love to know what we missed!

Some movies on the theme: On The Waterfront, Unfaithful (never has the Metro-North been so decadent), and Plaza Suite. And find other great events in Gothamist Arts & Events.