2004_12_artsgoodbodyeve.jpgOur friends at Broadway's The Good Body, the Eve Ensler one-woman show, have alerted us to an enticing series of talkbacks that started Wednesday night. An interesting and eclectic mix of talking heads, feminists, movie stars, and so forth have been booked to give their takes on the show. Gothamist really dug this show and wants to go back and hear Gloria Steinem's take on this piece on feminine body image and the challenge of confronting society's expectations, as well as our own. We're also curious to hear Isabella Rossellini's take on the show and the ideas it explores, since she is one of the 'characters' portrayed by Ensler in the show, and in the show has a lot to say on the subject at hand. Here's the list of talkbacks booked so far: (with more dates to be added):

Friday, December 10 (following 8pm perf.)
- Azar Nafisi (author of Reading Lolita in Tehran)
Saturday, December 11 (following 8pm perf.)
- Gloria Steinem
Thursday, December 16 (following 8pm perf.)
- Laura Flanders (of Air America)
Thursday, December 23 (following 8pm perf.)
- Julia Stiles
Sunday, January 9 (following 3pm perf)
- Isabella Rossellini

The Good Body is currently playing At Broadway's Booth Theatre in a limited engagement through January 16. The talkbacks will take place onstage following the performance and, for security reasons, only ticket holders for that performance will be allowed to participate.