Rapper Talib Kweli tweeted this afternoon, "NYC to #occupywallstreet 8pm tonight. Who's in?" Jamie Kilstein of Citizen Radio confirmed it: "So I will be at #occupywallstreet tonight with one of my heroes @TalibKweli." OWS spokesman Patrick Bruner told us details were stilll being worked out, but "it appears as though he is planning on coming."

Russell Simmons also confirmed he'd be at Liberty Plaza waiting for him: "RT @TalibKweli: NYC to #occupywallstreet 8pm tonight. Who's in? Thanks I'm in!!! Liberty plaza." We'll update the post when we know more information, but we presume that he'll be performing some songs.

Kweli published a very pro-Occupy Wall Street essay by Kevin Powell on his website today as well. Yesterday, Kweli appeared on The Colbert Report to perform a few songs from his fantastic late '90s one-off underground hip hop project, Mos Def And Talib Kweli Are Black Star—you can watch “Astronomy (8th Light)” below. Maybe that means there'll be an appearance tonight from Kweli's Black Star partner, Mos Def Yasiin Bey?