takeover1.jpgTakeover BAM went down Saturday night after Sufjan Stevens’s last BQE show. There were 5 bands playing until 4am in the Opera House, bawdy burlesque shows, DJs and dancing in the swank BAM café, art by Mighty Robot and others, rock documentaries, a Lindsay Lohan Mid-Career Retrospective (“Mid-Career” – get it?) and $3 beer. It sounded like such a great time that we eagerly showed up at 11:30, only to realize that we weren’t the only ones who thought it sounded great. The entire hipster nation was already amassed in two disgruntled lines around the block, and every corner of BAM was unbearably overcrowded.

Though the event had been promoted as a wild night of partying, music and movies, the overbearing rules made it more of a hostile takeover. It seemed that everywhere we went we were doing something wrong. No photos! No beer in the Opera House! No beer in the movie theater! (No seats, either.) You can’t stand here, you can’t go in through that door, you can’t go up to the café because we’ve let so many people in that human sausage links are now tumbling down the escalator! (No eating the human sausage links!)

This was BAM’s first time hosting this ambitious event – the Times describes BAM’s executive producer Joseph V. Melillo as “looking somewhat overwhelmed amid a sea of hipsters”, saying “We lost our virginity tonight.” – so we really ought to be more gentle. In theory, Takeover was an inspired and well-programmed use of the building’s superb facilities. We just hope that if and when we takeover again, they let a lot less of us in.

Photo from Will Znidaric's Flickr.