Do you suffer from shoe shine fatigue, grim reaper nostalgia, or balloon separation anxiety? Then you probably are going through Banksy withdrawal, just like us! And there's only so many times that you can rank and re-rank all 31 pieces from his now finished open air street art tour of our city. But fret not, for many a soul around NYC is in the same boat—and some have channeled that energy into creating some neat tributes to NYC's favorite tourist.

The most elaborate of these is the Banksy Monkey (photos 1 and 2) who was spotted hanging out on the Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights this morning by a tipster. There's also the Bloomberg rat on the corner of Hicks and Union Streets in Carroll Gardens (photos 3 and 4), and the "Banksy Drew This. Put Plexi Over It" drawing as well (photo 5).

And of course, you probably saw dozens of Banksy-inspired costumes over the last week, including his New York accent, his iconic Flower Thrower, Ricky's costume, and even Barksy. We offered our own tips on how to dress as Banksy for Halloween, and Judy Pham was inspired enough to create her own Balloon Girl costume (photos 6 and 7): "I especially liked the article about Halloween costume ideas and how to look like Banksy. I thought it was really funny but it actually inspired me to go as the "There's Always Hope" Balloon Girl," she wrote us.