Can your canine climb the corporate ladder? Tomorrow is the 10th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, so get your pups prepared to push some papers (or to get fawned over all day by your co-workers). The event is in celebration of man's best friend, as well as an encouragement for the dog-less amongst us to adopt. While thousands of companies participate, including Disney, be sure to clear your canine cubicle mate with your boss beforehand! The Daily News talked to a Carroll Gardens resident who brings her dog into Johnson & Johnson from time to time—she told them, "It's very therapeutic to come over and pet him, and it's good for the dog. He's the office stress-reliever." If you brings yours to the workplace, be sure to send us a photo or tag your photo with "Gothamist" on Flickr... and remember to take the pup out for happy hour after the 9 to 5! Or at least give him a treat and some extra belly scratches.