Gothamist headed over to Pier 54 last week to check out the Guided By Voices / Ambulance LTD show. By the time we got backstage, filled up our solo cups with Brooklyn Lager and made our way on to a stone wall to enjoy the show from...Ambulance had already ended their set. What can we say, summertime makes us slow. However we did get to see Guided By Voices who's frontman, Bob Pollard, we adore and would like to go out drinking with sometime.
After apologizing for the bad videos they've made throughout the years (this is GBV's farewell tour) and for "making videos in the first place" they kicked off a set which brought us from a setting sun to a moonlit pier.
Check out some of the photos below, taken by Catherine - who we thankfully ran in to at the show. You'll likely be seeing more of her pictures here, at least until this particular Gothamist gets itself a digital camera.

[Pollard, never without a beer]

[Gothamist loves it some fist pumping]


[Pollard salutes the crowd]