The Yankees are down two games in the American League Championship Series—which means the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium will be pretty crazy for Game 3 on Monday night. So why not take the MTA's Nostalgia Train from Grand Central for the complete pre-game experience?

A vintage, four-car Low-V train will be available for subway riders at the 42nd Street-Grand Central station. The MTA says that the train will leave the "northbound express track one hour before game time."

The “Nostalgia Special’s” rattan seats, ceiling fans and drop sash windows reflect back to an earlier age of subway travel. The train, originally operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) system, began service in 1917, serving customers for more than five decades before they were retired in the 1960s. Rolled out for the occasional special service assignment, the train serves as a splendid illustration of just how far rapid transit car design and technology has advanced over the past 100 years.

After leaving Grand Central, the four-car “Nostalgia Special” runs non-stop to 161st Street-Yankee Stadium, making the trip in about 30 minutes.

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the start time for Game 3 is 8 p.m., which means the Nostalgia Train will leave at 7 p.m.; Game 4 (and Game 5) start time is 5 p.m.

There will also be extra service on the Metro-North, with service on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Line trains to and from every home game and shuttle service between Grand Central and Harlem-125th Street Station and our Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station.