Nostalgic Yankees fans can travel to the post-season games via this blast from the past: The MTA is rolling out its Lo-V (low-voltage) train cars for a trip to Yankee Stadium tomorrow night.

The MTA says that the four-car nostalgia train is "scheduled to leave 42 Street-Grand Central at approximately 7 p.m., arriving at 161 Street-Yankee Stadium about 30 minutes later. The cars, originally operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) system, entered service in 1917 and worked into the early 1960s. The train will operate non-stop to 161 St."

You can pick up the train on the northbound express track of the Lexington Avenue line at 42 Street-Grand Central. Unfortunately, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia won't be at the stadium—he just checked into an alcohol rehabilitation facility. He said in a statement:

Today I am checking myself into an alcohol rehabilitation center to receive the professional care and assistance needed to treat my disease. I love baseball and I love my teammates like brothers, and I am also fully aware that I am leaving at a time when we should all be coming together for one last push toward the World Series.

It hurts me deeply to do this now, but I owe it to myself and to my family to get myself right. I want to take control of my disease, and I want to be a better man, father and player.

I want to thank the New York Yankees organization for their encouragement and understanding. Their support gives me great strength and has allowed me to move forward with this decision with a clear mind.

Sabatha has had a 6-10 record

this year, with an ERA of 4.73.

The Yankees will host the Houston Astros tomorrow night. Masahiro Tanaka is pitching.