2006_05_arts_takehill.jpgWhy would we write about a DC-based literary magazine? Because it's coming to New York and taking over KGB Bar tomorrow night - stop asking so many questions. Barrelhouse will be hosting an evening of short movies and short stories, dubbed Take That Hill.

Barrelhouse bridges that gap between pop culture and serious art. This event their putting on includes stories about death metal, drug addled Japanese basketball teams, long nights at southern gas stations...this suspiciously sounds like our journal from 1995. Anyway,all of these stories will be read by their authors (ncluding David Barringer, Matt Bell, Justin Taylor, and Matt Kirkpatrick).

Then come the movies, which are mostly about dead cats (don't worry, it's animated!), rock (a thirteen-minute overview of Washington’s Dischord record label and includes concert footage as well as interviews with prominent members of the DC music community, including label co-founder Ian MacKaye), European bread-chasers, and post-industrial small town Pennsylvania.

Friday // 7pm // KGB Bar [85 East 4th St] // Free