Perhaps no NYC neighborhood has more murals per mile than East Harlem. Along with amazing taquerias and the ubiquitous sound of salsa music, these murals are an essential part of El Barrio's character.

The artists are mostly Puerto Rican (but also Ecuadorian or Jewish); there are some very famous names (De La Vega, Don Rimx) and some beloved local artists (Topaz, KingBee); some of the pieces are memorials commissioned by families who lost loved ones (Reggie Andrews, Rudolph "Booga" Wyatt), while others are political statements or conceptual works.

If you wander north of 96th Street and east of 5th Avenue, you can find dozens of these spray-paint masterpieces. Click through above to check out some of our favorites, and let us know any you love in the comments. You can also check out the walking guide to the murals below.

[Map by Joanna Purpich; Photographs by Jacob Daniels]